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Inabata Koryo Co., Ltd. delivers scents all over the world created by the rich sensibilities and technique as an expert of Flavors and Fragrances.

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Head Office and Osaka Factory

3-5-20 Tagawa, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka 532-0027
TEL: +81-6-6301-8931
FAX: +81-6-6301-0378

Tokyo Innovation Center

4-12 Nihonbashi-kobunacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0024
TEL: +81-3-3664-9161
FAX: +81-3-3664-9166

Kanto Factory

6140-4 Onogomachi, Joso, Ibaraki 300-2521
TEL: +81-297-24-4581
FAX: +81-297-24-3114


April 19, 1926 (Taisho 15)


22.38 million yen

Annual Sales

5.6 billion yen (year ending March 2024)


160 people

Board Members


Katsuya Inabata (Project Support Division)

Vice President

Hideyuki Inabata (Flavor Division)


Masanori Takeuchi (Quality Assurance Division)


Tomoyuki Yukawa (Fragrance Division)


Atsushi Yamamoto (Overseas Division)


Tatsuro Koga


Mizuho Bank, The Shoko Chukin Bank, Japan Finance Corporation, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, The Oita Bank, The Senshu Ikeda Bank.


(Meiji 23)

Katsutaro Inabata founded Inabata Senryo Ten (Inabata Dyestuffs Store) in Kyoto and started importing synthetic dyestuffs directly.

(Meiji 30)

Head office moved from Kyoto to Osaka and started to import aromatic materials from France.

(Taisho 7)

Reorganized the institution and established Inabata Shoten (currently Inabata & Co., Ltd.)

(Taisho 15)

Established Inabata Koryo Ten Ltd., succeeding the Flavor& Fragrance division of Inabata Shoten, specialized in the manufacture, sale, and export-import of flavors and fragrances.

(Showa 18)

The company name was changed to ” Inabata Goshi Kaisha Ltd. (Joint Stock Company)”.

(Showa 22)

Tsukamoto Factory built (currently Osaka Factory).

(Showa 41)

Inabata Goshi Kaisha Ltd. (Joint stock company) reorganized to “Inabata Koryo Co., Ltd.”

(Showa 63)

Kanto Factory built.

(Heisei 6)

Newly, head office factory was established (currently Osaka Factory).

(Heisei 11)

Obtained ISO9001 Certified.

(Heisei 14)

Obtained ISO14001 Certified.
AMBROSIA Jiaxing factory was established in Zhejiang Province, China.

(Heisei 24)

Newly, Osaka Head Office Creative Centre was established.

(Heisei 25)

Obtained FSSC22000 Certified (Kanto Factory).

(Heisei 29)

INABATA FLAVORS & FRAGRANCES (PINGHU) CO.,LTD. was established in Zhejiang Province, China.

(Heisei 30)

AMBROSIA Jiaxing factory in China closed.

(Reiwa 1)

Tokyo office relocated (Name: Tokyo Innovation Center).

(Reiwa 3)

Obtained FSSC22000 Certified.
(Osaka Factory: Flavor and Food Category)
Seoul liaison office closed.

Founder and Establisher Profile

The founder, Katsutaro Inabata and the establisher Jiro Inabata

The founder, Katsutaro Inabata, was a businessman who was active in the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa eras.
He was born in Kyoto in 1862, and at the age of 15 went to France as one of eight publicly funded students sent by Kyoto Prefecture, where he learned dye technology at the Lyon Industrial School and chemistry at the Lyon University. He returned to Japan after studying abroad for 8 years.
In 1890, he founded Inabata Senryo Ten (Inabata Dyestuffs Store) and started importing synthetic dyestuffs. In 1897, he first imported the fragrance from France. This seems to be the first time he handled with Flavors and Fragrances. He demonstrated his skills by developing dyeing technology and concluding a general agency contract in Japan with a global Flavors and Fragrances manufacturer.

He was awarded The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon for his public service as the 10th Chairman of the Osaka Chamber of Commerce (currently the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and a member of the House of Peers (a legislative body that comprised the Imperial Diet together with the House of Representatives under the Meiji Constitution). He made great contributions to civil diplomacy, including the establishment of the Japan-France Institute and the Japan-France Cultural Association, and was awarded the Grand Croix of Ordre national de la Légion d’honneur by the French government in recognition of his achievements in Japan-France relations.

The establisher, Jiro Inabata, is Katsutaro Inabata’s son-in-law. After graduating from the University of Tokyo’s German law major, he served as vice president and chairman of Inabata Shoten, which Katsutaro founded, president of Nippon Dye Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and director of Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd., contributed to the development of the dye and chemical industries together with Katsutaro.
In 1926 (Taisho 15), He established Inabata Koryo Ten Ltd., succeeding the Flavor & Fragrance division of Inabata Shoten.
He also worked to promote the trade between Japan and France, and was awarded Commandeurs of Ordre national de la Légion d’honneur by the French government.

Our job is to recreate the scent desired with all our heart.