Putting the unique qualities of Fragrances to use
Creating Fragrances to enrich the people lives

Aiming to Improve Added Value of Fragrances

The fragrances we provide to customers are created through repetitive evaluation considering whether they match the client's concept as well as they are diffusive and long-lasting. We unite to endeavor with the goal of developing original and fascinating fragrances. Additionally, to increase the added value of fragrances more, we also focus on exploring new materials. We have been developing functional fragrances that have been attracting attention in recent years and researching the extraction of essential oils and aroma components from domestically produced materials.

The Pursuit of Fragrance Safety

IFRA (International Fragrance Association), an international organization representing the fragrance industry, has established voluntary worldwide standards for the safe use of fragrances. These voluntary standards, known as the IFRA Standards, prohibit the use of specific ingredients and also set the ceiling on the amount of using each fragrance ingredient depending on the use in the final products.
We don't limit to comply with IFRA, take into account the laws or regulations of each country and the impact on the environment in our efforts to develop even safer fragrances.

Organization's Ability to Respond to Customer Requests

Not only our sales staffs and researchers have specialized knowledge of fragrances, but they also learn the necessary knowledge to develop the final products in which the fragrances will be used in order to maximize the performance of our fragrance in the customer's products. In addition, from a marketing perspective, we deepen our understanding of surrounding industries and propose attractive needs and seeds. In product development, our sales staff interprets customer requests, and through smooth collaboration with research, we are able to respond in a flexible manner.

Our job is to recreate the scent desired with all our heart.