About Our Company

Our job is to recreate the scent desired with all our heart.

Our Philosophy The Business Creed, Wa(harmony) is quoted from “Wa wo motte tattoshi to nasu”
(Cherish the harmony among people.).

“Wa” is quoted from also “Wa shite dou zezu”(Harmonize but not agree). It means that not only mutually respecting for feelings and dignity, but also peacefully having a constructive discussion and contributing to the development of the company sharing a common destiny with us.

Our mission is bringing happiness to customers by working hard to create novel Flavors & Fragrances.

Vision "Accord"
Aiming at a 200-years-old company creating fragrances, flavors, beauty, cleanliness, and health

Regarding " scent " as a starting point, we will expand our business considering the above a keyword, and continue to grow and contribute to society for another 100 years.

Corporate Philosophy

The Inabata Culture (corporate philosophy) is nurtured by having four creation spirit. We strive for being able to attain below objectives without being conscious.

  • Creation of Trust

    By holding the customers in estimation through the business and remembering to make an effort every day, we will create the relationship of trust and continue to associate with them for a long time without change.

  • Creation of Value

    By utilizing the knowledge and technique cultivated by handling Flavors and Fragrances, we will create more superior products, and provide novel commodity value and service with a customer's viewpoint rather than a manufacturer's.

  • Creation of Individuality

    By brushing up our strengths both as a professional and as a person, we will become more energetic experts and reorganize more vital.

  • Creation of Respect

    By having a sincere discussion with respect for each other and pride in working at Inabata, we will increase Inabata fans inside and outside the company.

Action Guidelines

Inabata Koryo Co., Ltd. will sincerely comply with all laws and regulations, be aware of its corporate social responsibility to realize a sustainable society, and act with social common sense as follows.

[Management System]

  • Providing safe and high-quality products
    We will create safe, high value-added products through superior technology, a lot of experience, and untiring efforts.
  • Risk Management Initiatives
    We will promote cross-sectional improvement activities beyond departments in regard to countermeasures against predictable risks, such as large-scale natural disasters, threats for information security, and departmental business risks.
  • Compliance
    We will constantly monitor and comply with related laws, etc., including social ethics.
  • Trustworthy Management System
    We will strive to put a management system in order that is highly efficient, sound, and financially high-transparent.

[Sociability, Ethics]

  • We will maintain wholesome and faithful relationships.
    We will cope with politics and government and maintain wholesome and faithful relationships with customers and business partners. We will not engage in illegal activities such as illegal political contributions, illegal profiteering, bribery, excessive gift-giving, extortion, fraud, etc.
  • We will provide corporate information in a timely and appropriate manner.
    We will provide information in a timely and appropriate manner to stakeholders such as customers, business partners, and local residents.
  • We will value our interaction with local communities.
    As good corporate citizens, we will deepen our interactions with local communities and try to broadly contribute to society through local events, supporting activities in response to large-scale natural disasters, etc.
  • We will not supply profits to anti-social forces.
    We will not have any relationships, including business relationships, with anti-social organizations. We will also reject unreasonable demands made by anti-social organizations.
  • We will respect human rights and will not discriminate.
    We will support and respect protection of internationally proclaimed human rights, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Global Compact, and the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. We will take action to ensure that our services do not contribute to (or encourage) human rights violations of consumers and local community members.
    We will not discriminate based on race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, age, etc., and will respect human rights in our decision-making and business activities.


  • We will focus on customers’ needs.
    We will always strive to satisfy our customers' needs, pursue their potential needs, and propose original products.
  • We will provide products with guaranteed safety.
    Based on ISO9001 and FSSC22000, we will comply with their requirements, related laws and regulations, and provide safe products.


  • We will make an effort to ensure the safety and health of the workplace and employees.
    We will have consideration to ensure the work safety in the workplace. To prevent industrial accidents, we will implement safety measures when abnormalities or signs of danger are discovered in machinery and equipment, grasp the risks of harmful chemical substances, noise, odor, etc., and take measures that take into account the mental health of employees.
  • We will provide systematic and comprehensive education so that the organization and individuals can grow together.
    We will provide equal educational opportunities to employees without losing fairness. We will also support employees' desire to learn on their own and support their self-development.
  • We will try to realize the comfort and enrichment of our employees.
    By improving the workplace environment, we will try to realize the financial, mental, and time comfort and enrichment of our employees.
    Additionally, we will prohibit any acts that harm the workplace environment or employees, such as abuse, physical punishment, and harassment, etc., and will create a safe working environment by creating a consultation desk for when case such incidents should occur.
  • We will strive to create a workplace where employees are provided with opportunities for fulfillment and challenge, and where they can strive for self-fulfillment.
    We will treat each employee with dignity, fairness, and respect. We will provide equal opportunities for employment, promotion and advancement to our employees, respect human rights in the workplace, and aim to create a workplace where employees can demonstrate their individuality, motivation, and abilities to their fullest.
  • We will comply with labor laws and regulations.
    We will comply with working hours, holidays, vacations, and minimum wages as stipulated by law. Furthermore, and will never engage in illegal child labor or forced labor.

[Business Partners]

  • We will not abuse our dominant position over our Business Partners.
    We will not engage in unfair transactions by taking advantage of our dominant position.
  • Cooperation with Business Partners
    We will strengthen our partnership and conduct fair transactions based on mutual understanding of all matters.
  • Quality improvement activities with Business Partners
    We will continue to carry out quality control activities with our Business Partners to ensure the safety of raw materials purchased.

[Environmental Initiatives]

We will comply with related laws and regulations and engage in environmental conservation activities based on ISO14001.

  • Energy saving activities
    We will engage in activities to reduce the use of electricity, gas, gasoline, and water from the perspective of preserving the global environment, reducing greenhouse gases, and reducing environmental impact.
  • Reuse waste activities
    We will actively work on recycling waste. We will also carry out activities to reuse waste for energy and fertilizer.
  • Reduce waste activities
    We will work on reducing waste generated from our factories by reviewing our manufacturing processes and closely exchanging information with our customers.
  • Various conservation activities
    We will actively work on preventing environmental pollution through green purchasing, exploring ways to reuse waste, and reviewing containers and packaging materials.

Our job is to recreate the scent desired with all our heart.