Making Improvements in the Quality of Products Top Priority

Building a Relationship of Trust with Customers

Following the recipe created by researchers, we manufacture and ship the products. There are factories in Osaka (inside the Head Office site; mainly for Flavors and Fragrances) and Joso (called Kanto Factory; mainly for food products).
At these two sites, we respond to orders received from customers in the world (from small lots in grams to mixture in tons) and carry out daily work based on production plans formulated for each lot using our own production management system.

Creating Safe and Secure Products

Both the Osaka and Kanto Factory were certified ISO9001 and ISO14001 which are international standards for the quality and environment. We were also certified FSSC22000 related to food safety, so can deliver products ensured safety to customers.
Setting to improve products quality as our top priority, a weighing system has been introduced at Osaka Factory, and about improvements to facilities on the factory, a structure that increases airtightness, CIP (Cleaning In Place), and an air shower room as a measure to maintain cleanness have been introduced. We are actively engaging in regular 5S inspections and risk assessment activities throughout the factory.

Manufacturing Technology

In order to provide the safe, unique, high-quality scent

About Osaka Factory

◇ Main manufacturing products

Flavors and Fragrances:
concoction products, essences, emulsion products, powdered products, etc.
coffee, natural materials, etc.
Food Colors:
natural pigments

◇ Machines used

Kneaders, spray dryers, homo-mixer, essence tank, distillation kettles, super mixer, etc.

About Kanto Factory

◇ Main manufacturing products

Food Materials:
brown paste, white paste, seasoning oil, seasoning powder, wine sauce, sauté, roux, caramel sauce

◇ Machines used

Kneaders (high-pressure inclined kneaders, vacuum-pressure inclined kneaders, high-pressure horizontal kneaders, low-pressure horizontal kneaders), roasters, automatic filling machines, centrifuges, Comitrols, mixers, etc.

Our job is to recreate the scent desired with all our heart.