Flavors & Fragrances inaba

With all our heart,
the scent desired

Flavors and Fragrances are invisible.
Words cannot describe them.
They can't be seen, cannot be heard also.

That's why it's frustrating to describe the scent we're thinking of.
A sudden aroma is like a time machine, bringing us back to good & old days.

The heart can be powerfully, or gently,
moved as one is taken in the blink of an eye to places clear to him or her.

Our job is to read our customer's thought,
to find and reproduce just the scent desired.

About Our Company

Inabata Koryo is one of the Japan's leading manufacturers handling Flavors and Fragrances over 100 years.

Katsutaro Inabata founded Inabata Senryo Ten (currently Inabata & Co., Ltd.) in Kyoto which is the origin of our company. Later, Jiro Inabata established Inabata Koryo Ten Ltd. (currently Inabata Koryo Co., Ltd.) succeeding the Flavor & Fragrance division in 1926 (Taisho 15).

In addition to academic knowledge and technique, individual sensibility is also important to deal with Flavors and Fragrances.
We give importance to the process of each manufacturing in this unique and fascinating field.

Our company will continue to explore the original frontiers and provides valuable products for customers.

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About Our Company

Our Business

In order to provide safe, creative and high-quality scent


Fragrance Section develops a variety of materials used for fragrances, skincare and make-up products, personal care products such as a shampoo and body soap, and air fresheners. We constantly research the favorable, original, long-lasting and stable fragrance.


The Flavor Section researches, produces and sells a variety of flavors used for sweets, drinks, frozen desserts, desserts, bakery goods, instant foods, retort foods, and tobacco.
With the goal of creating a safe, rich dietary life, we are continually selecting and collecting flavor materials from around the world.


Following the recipe created by researchers, Production Headquarters manufactures and ships the products. There are factories in Osaka (inside the Head Office site; mainly for Flavors and Fragrances) and Joso (so-called Kanto Factory; mainly for food products).

Initiatives to keep quality, preserve environment, and achieve food safety

ISO9001 Certified

We have established a quality management system to provide safe and secure products.

ISO14001 Certified

We initiatively work on energy conservation and waste reduction activities recognizing the importance of countering to environmental issues.

FSSC22000 Certified

(For food additives and food materials)
We make an effort to satisfy customers' wants for food safety.

Offices and Affiliated Companies