With the goal of creating a safe, rich dietary life

The Pursuit of Flavor Originality

The image of Flavor varies widely depending on the person. Using data obtained through analysis, individual sensibilities and the safety-oriented techniques that have been passed down for 100 years, we daily endeavor to create “delicious Flavor” that is as close to your image as possible.
Moreover, we prepare Flavor and food materials using essential oil, extract, etc. of spices to provide original products. When adding Flavor to processed foods, we undertake rigorous product design taking into consideration heat and light resistance, depending on the process and storage conditions in which the product is created.

Assurance of Safety

In gathering Flavor materials from around the world, we go and check safety and work process on location, and guarantee traceability.

Exploring New Materials

We have a great skill at fractionation and extraction from natural materials to create Flavors, particular from beverages with palatability like coffee. Using the same method, we accomplished to extract the ingredient for odor-reducing, anti-bacterial and anti-allergic agents.
We are also focusing on providing functional natural materials, and research and development of natural food colors.

Our job is to recreate the scent desired with all our heart.